Emergence: Labeled Autistic

Temple Grandin, Ph.D.  188 pages/ 2005

Temple Grandin longed for affection but feared human contact. Unable to experience reality as other children could, she was quick to anger, easily overstimulated, and isolated. Facing ceaseless waves of terrifying nerve attacks, she was a child heading into a dark abyss of autism. But within her lonely world, Temple harbored a creativity, intelligence, and yearning for self-expression that refused to die.

Now Temple tells her story of that emergence, of how she went from a fear-gripped, autistic childhood to become a successful professional, a world leader in her field. An astonishing true story, a chronicle of perserverance, courage, and the loving wisdom of a few adults who saw in Temple what others couldn't, EMERGENCE will give new hope and new insight into the tragedy of autism-and the vast potential of the human spirit.