The Less Than Perfect Child - An inspirational journey from a life of disfunction to life as a surgeon

Dr. David C. Bardsley

169 pages            2011

Growing up with a behavioral or learning disorder is never easy; not for the parents not for the teachers, and especially not for the affected child. The past 15 years have seen an unprecedented explosion in the diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Tourette’s, Asperger’s and Defient Behavior. Many of those affected are now reaching adulthood.

Dr. David Bardsley is an author, surgeon and motivational speaker. While growing up in the trenches of disfunctionality, he was institutionalized at age 8 and diagnosed as mentally retarded: a diagnosis his parents refused to accept. This story of hope and transformation will encourage the millions of troubles parents who worry about what the future holds for their “Less Than Perfect Child” and inspire those adults who have never been diagnosed, yet struggle daily with behavioral and learning disorders.