The Myth of the A.D.D. Child

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.         320 pages/ 1997

In this controversial and provocative book, Dr. Armstrong confronts America's obsession with Attention Deficit Disorder. With more than one million children diagnosed with ADD, the condition has gained national attention. Dr. Armstrong, well-known for his writings on parenting and education, presents the very real argument that ADD may, in fact, not exist. He believes that many behaviors labeled as ADD are simply a child's active response to complex social, emotional, and educational influences, and that by tackling the root causes of a child's attention and behavior problems, rather than masking the symptoms with medication and behavior-modification programs, parents can help their children begin to experience fundamentally positive changes in their lives. This groundbreaking book provides parents and professionals with 50 innovative and proven strategies they can use to help children overcome their attention and behavior problems.